Pimsleur Learning Portal Page

Welcome to Spanish Learning Portal provided to city employees and residents and facilitated through our relationship with Pimsleur Learning and Simon and Schuster. This portal will allow you purchase Spanish Level one and Two which are the modules used by Carthage Police Department employees to learn Spanish. You can also purchase any other language learning program that you wish at city pricing levels. City pricing levels are greatly discounted compared to retail pricing for the same modules.

Thank You,
Greg Dagnan
Chief of Police

Click on the link below for the Pimsleur Portal:

Note for City Employees:
You must use a “carthage-mo.gov” email address to register if you want to receive employee pricing. If training dollars are being used to pay for a module you will need to get a voucher code from your department head. If you are purchasing the module yourself any credit card should work. The Police Department enhances the audio learning classes with group classes at the department. If you would like to attend these classes please contact Chief Dagnan for class times.