Team Policing


The Team Policing Project is a Carthage Police Department initiative involving Community Oriented Policing.  Community Policing is a 21st century concept in which law enforcement partners with the community to solve problems, reduce crime and the fear of crime.

By partnering with the community in this project our police department hopes to see an improvement in a geographical area that has been identified as having an increase in crimes such as assaults, thefts, property damage and peace disturbance. Officers will make every effort to work with the citizens to resolve many types of problems, including ordinance violations, nuisance violations, and even some problems that are not traditionally handled by law enforcement such as helping people find assistance through community resources.

It is hoped that this can be accomplished by providing information about existing resources as well as encouraging a partnership with the community organizations to help through volunteer efforts. The Team Policing project continues to be a successful tool in our community to reduce crime and increase community awareness.

Helpful Resources

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