Crime Prevention Programs

Larceny Reduction Program

The City of Carthage usually has between 300 and 400 reported thefts a year.  These thefts are usually from unlocked vehicles left on the street at night.   Carthage Police Department is diligently trying to prevent these thefts.  If we find your car unlocked on the street, or see other valuables left out where they can be taken you will find a flyer on your door letting you know what we found and asking for your help.    Please remember that you can protect yourself from becoming a victim by locking your vehicles and taking all valuables inside.

Business Check Program

At various times throughout the day, Carthage Police Department checks businesses to ensure that they are secure and in order.    Each year about 4,000 businesses are checked for security and suspicious activity, thus preventing business burglaries, thefts and property destruction.




Public Presentations

If your neighborhood or community group would like a presentation concerning any crime prevention topic, including child identification please contact the police department at (417)237-7200.