Patrol Division

Our Patrol Division consists of four shifts rotating on a 12-hour tour of duty.  Each officer works three days then is off for three days.  The cycle repeats, alternating shifts after each three day rotation.  Each Patrol Shift is given a designation A-D.

Shifts are commanded by Sergeants who supervise all Patrol Officers and a Communications officer for each shift.

Sergeants are assisted by Master Patrol Officers (MPOs).  MPOs are Officers who have shown that they are masters of the profession of policing and are well respected by their peers and the public.

Day Shifts

Shift A

Sergeant Crews

MPO E. Miller

Officer C. Pinnell

Officer Strubberg

Shift B

Sergeant Moore


Officer Thomason

Communications Officer Mitchell

Night Shifts

Shift C

Sergeant Butler

Officer Bolt

Officer T. Hole

MPO J. Pinnell

Communications Officer Roux

Shift D

Sergeant Woody

Officer M. Hole

Officer Ramoly

Officer Salinas

Communications Officer Sharp

Reserve Officers

Officer M. Fox

Officer Hartley

Communications Officer Roux

Special Services

Animal Control Officer Wieberg

Parking Control Officer Pitzer

Field Training Officer Program

Officer Kmick

Officer Wolfe